Baby steps toward world change


Jamey Stegmaier has a great [no, really great] blog about kickstarter that is super helpful for folks considering crowd funding. So full of good info it should really be called a Blogopolis. But maybe I’ll TM that for myself ;p

Thanks to said blog – in particular this blog exists. And, though it was touched on in that entry, I’d like to take one item a bit further. What to do if your blog is ‘dual purpose’ for want of a better term?

For example, my brand new blog. Jamey suggests “write what you’re excited about”. For me that will be the horrid pink layer of toxic air lingering on the horizon but also the latest great reviews from play testers of my new board game [ALIEN CRASH SITE]. Two very unrelated items – at least in most people’s eyes I would think. So what to do? 2 blogs? 2 blogs?!?!?!

So, maybe I have an answer, or at least an answer that will work for me.

Since these are things that excite/upset/awe me – single, little ole me, 1 person, I think 1 blog will be enough. It may be a bit of a mish-mash, but maybe this is how I learn to come up with useful headlines. A single blog that encompasses things I get excited about. And since the #1 thing I get excited about IS that ugly pink layer [hello China? Can you read this from across the street?] I will say up front that a goodly portion of any net profits from all games I make [now and in the future] will go directly to erasing that poison from our skies. But that’s another post ;p

I would love to hear from you about my take. This is my first entry, so there’s plenty of time for me to be shown errors in my thinking from those who have been down this road before.

Michael Barclay


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