Is This The Future We Want?

For millions it already IS too late. What about the rest of us?


Air pollution kills more than 5.5 million people globally each year. See this article and this article if you don’t already know.

I’m so tired of ‘leaders’ arguing over whether or not it’s too late to halt – let alone reverse – climate change. You know what? IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE – for millions upon millions of people!!!! How much more late can we get?

For too many people this is just something that is happening far, far away. Well, I’ve got news for you – the area pictured above once only had the same pink/purple smudge I’m starting to see on just about every horizon in the U.S. And that wasn’t even 2 decades ago. That means, if you’re reading this and you’ve got another few good years left in you, chances are you’ll find yourself living in these exact same conditions in the future.

That what you want?

Me neither.

As mentioned in my 1st 2 posts, “a goodly portion of any net profits from all games I make [now and in the future] will go directly to erasing that poison from our skies.” The BarclayMotive is not ready – yet – for me to go around asking good people [like YOU] for support. I still have a lot of work to do to make it functional enough for the first full sized test bed. BUT – my 1st game, Alien Crash Site – IS. So it’s time to ask for your support. And I’ll start very small.

Just tell a few friends [real or virtual] about this blog and ask them to follow. Then follow me on twitter and facebook. We need to build a crowd so when ACS goes to crowdfunding this Spring/Summer there will be a CROWD for it. It’s an awesome game, so backers will get something they really enjoy WHILE HELPING TO KEEP THEIR OWN CITY FROM LOOKING LIKE THE PICTURE!!!

Not a bad trade, I’d say. Get a great game [at a discount], have hours and hours of fun with it, and save our planet at the same time.

Yeah, doesn’t suck.



Why I Love Alien Crash Site

hi scores 2
…guess they didn’t hate it


These are the most recent survey scores from play testers – and these are NOT atypical scores. The response to Alien Crash Site has been so overwhelmingly positive that when I see a 9 I immediately brainstorm ways to improve! A 9!!!!!

Surprisingly, even with scores such as these, there are many down days on this trip to ‘1st game birth’ – low [or no] turnout, 3rd party work is delayed [and delayed some more], mentors are few and far between [and even they have bad days! I know, right? Impossible – but true!], games that I know are really cruddy overfund on kickstarter [‘don’t waste your money on that turd, wait and back ACS!!!’]. When I get one of those days, and I maybe wonder if it’s all a waste of time, I just look at these scores and think of the reactions as people play the game and I am reminded why I love Alien Crash Site.

Simple, really. Because players love it. And players want it.

Once ACS is ‘a real thing’, I will be responsible for providing hours and hours of fun to people near and far. Hours of laughter, of fun tension, of team work, and of jubilation at a win! Friends saying, “Let’s play it again!” Families turning off devices and sitting together for live interaction and fun! Gamers actually making physical contact [it’s fun to watch a pair of gamers – who obviously NEVER touch others – do what is clearly their 1st ever high five. So tentative and self conscious; like a nervous, tiny puppy approaching a much bigger dog.] And ACS made that happen!

Multiplied by hundreds, thousands, or [my true goal] hundreds of thousands!!!!

And that, my friends, will be a super, awesome, amazing, exhilarating, and incredible feeling, to the 10th power!

So, I ask you, wanna share the love?

100 things I learned about…


Okay, really 1 thing. Today anyway.

Co-op board games are enjoying a long yet rapid rise in popularity. There are 2 in depth articles here and here. The 2nd is by Matt Leacock, designer of Pandemic.

That is great news because – ta-dah! – ALIEN CRASH SITE is also a co-op game. Okay, one of the world’s best co-op games, but now I’m getting ahead of myself.

What are your favorite co-op games? How do they compare to your favorite competitive games? Do you find yourself more interested in co-ops than before? Do you specifically seek out co-ops when looking for a new game?