100 things I learned about…


Okay, really 1 thing. Today anyway.

Co-op board games are enjoying a long yet rapid rise in popularity. There are 2 in depth articles here and here. The 2nd is by Matt Leacock, designer of Pandemic.

That is great news because – ta-dah! – ALIEN CRASH SITE is also a co-op game. Okay, one of the world’s best co-op games, but now I’m getting ahead of myself.

What are your favorite co-op games? How do they compare to your favorite competitive games? Do you find yourself more interested in co-ops than before? Do you specifically seek out co-ops when looking for a new game?


3 thoughts on “100 things I learned about…

  1. Agreed with you there – co-ops are a pretty cool way to get around the issue of eliminating people early – creates good camaraderie and social interaction. So pretty much everything a board game should be about!

    Sounds like a cool concept for a game – any ideas when you will kickstart?


    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      As you well know, I gotta build a crowd before I crowd fund. The game is getting love from all directions [board gamers, cards gamers, video gamers, non gamers…]. It – and I – just need to get in front of tons more people.

      I tell you, it’s a GREAT feeling seeing complete strangers sit down at the board, play and then become close allies – smiling, laughing, high fiving. Really cool.

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