Why I Love Alien Crash Site

hi scores 2
…guess they didn’t hate it


These are the most recent survey scores from play testers – and these are NOT atypical scores. The response to Alien Crash Site has been so overwhelmingly positive that when I see a 9 I immediately brainstorm ways to improve! A 9!!!!!

Surprisingly, even with scores such as these, there are many down days on this trip to ‘1st game birth’ – low [or no] turnout, 3rd party work is delayed [and delayed some more], mentors are few and far between [and even they have bad days! I know, right? Impossible – but true!], games that I know are really cruddy overfund on kickstarter [‘don’t waste your money on that turd, wait and back ACS!!!’]. When I get one of those days, and I maybe wonder if it’s all a waste of time, I just look at these scores and think of the reactions as people play the game and I am reminded why I love Alien Crash Site.

Simple, really. Because players love it. And players want it.

Once ACS is ‘a real thing’, I will be responsible for providing hours and hours of fun to people near and far. Hours of laughter, of fun tension, of team work, and of jubilation at a win! Friends saying, “Let’s play it again!” Families turning off devices and sitting together for live interaction and fun! Gamers actually making physical contact [it’s fun to watch a pair of gamers – who obviously NEVER touch others – do what is clearly their 1st ever high five. So tentative and self conscious; like a nervous, tiny puppy approaching a much bigger dog.] And ACS made that happen!

Multiplied by hundreds, thousands, or [my true goal] hundreds of thousands!!!!

And that, my friends, will be a super, awesome, amazing, exhilarating, and incredible feeling, to the 10th power!

So, I ask you, wanna share the love?


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