Mexico City Faces Pollution Emergency

When I started this blog, I did not expect to have really bad news to share nearly every day!


Should have known, I guess.

Another major city is killing residents – and the planet – because people need to drive places. As the article states, “a Phase 1 Emergency was raised by the local officials for the first time in 11 years”.

The grand plan? Keep cars from driving in the city one day a week.

But, for the rest of the week? Just hold your breath! Where’s the problem? It seems we’re not really learning our lessons as much as merely delaying disaster!

At the end of this article it’s stated “The solution… is to eliminate sulfur from gasoline, provide cleaner taxis and microbuses…”. These are just band-aids on a burn victim!

The REAL solution is The BarclayMotive. Zero emissions. Zero transfer of emissions [as there is with electric cars – there is no emission from the car, just from the power plant]. And, once ready to market, able to drive every day of the week!

What can you do to get us there quicker? [As in, before all cities need a similar (albeit too minor to do much good) ban?] Simple. Subscribe to this blog and get your friends to do the same. The more readers should equal the more supporters [financial and social] when it comes time to fund raise. And that time is coming soon.


Of Course, There’s Always This Alternative

Shouts the headline – “7 million Americans at risk of man-made earthquakes, USGS says”.

Hmmm, pink haze on the horizon or earthquakes in your backyard?? Tough choice. And all this misery to keep an industry afloat and profitable. What’s next? A return to whaling??


Time to stop all the madness and move on to something better for the world at large. The BarclayMotive will need to raise about $80 – $100k in initial funding; less than a garage makeover for some folks out there. Start talking to those you know and before we all know it, word will spread and someone will find themselves in that moment [like above] – faced with $80,000 worth of new trees for the back pool area OR start SAVING THE PLANET!

Tough choice, huh Mr. Murray?

What happened to The People?


Lincoln’s words ring through the decades, carrying the same gravity now as when he said them at Gettysburg in 1863 – “…government of the people, by the people, for the people

Watching the 2016 U.S. Presidential race – with equally high levels of interest and disgust – I cannot help but think we have swerved FAR from the course Lincoln spoke of. So far, in fact, that most people have no say whatsoever in our government. In this day and age your vote DOES NOT COUNT!

I only need to bring up two issues [among dozens!] to serve as perfect examples of my point:

Superdelegates –

“Super delegates don’t “represent people”” – and their vote counts far more than yours or mine.


SuperPACs –

“may engage in unlimited political spending”

At a bare minimum, just the existence of these two serve to keep your vote from counting equally to other votes – if your vote gets counted at all. [Paste this into your search engine of choice – votes go uncounted]

The numbers don’t lie.

And to many eyes these two issues [and the rest] make the entire process seem rigged. Is there any wonder why voters don’t vote?

There is a better way.

We live in the Age of the Internet. Why not act like it? Here’s how we should elect our next President:

  • Open the field – to EVERYONE who is legally eligible. Charge each a flat fee.
  • Let these candidates state their positions [on a variety of topics of concern] online.
  • Eligible voters read these positions and place a preliminary vote. Ever take an online poll? Pretty quick and easy, right? And results are nearly instantaneous. Same here.

After this first round only the top 10 remain. These 10 then debate selected topics, on air and/or online. Again, voters vote. Then only 5 remain. And so on until 1 remains and that is our President.

Simple and straightforward. And what would it accomplish? Let’s see:

  1. Your vote counts!
  2. No outside money controls the election process! [Jeb Bush probably wished this had already been the case –
  1. America gets a government of the people, by the people, for the people!!!
  2. We get to live [proudly] in the democracy [not the oligarchy – see link below] America is supposed to not only stand for but actually be.


The America most of us were brought up expecting to live in.

Do we really want to be the next dinosaurs?

Are we already past the point of no return?


News [here, here, and here] is out about how we are making the planet less habitable than it was when the dinos were wiped out. The soundbite versions are:

“We are now exceeding by an order of magnitude the rate of carbon release during one of the most remarkable global warming events in Earth’s history.”

“One of the biggest implications of the study’s findings is that the impacts of modern-day climate change on the seas and land will be more severe than what was seen during the PETM. [Thermal Maximum]”

“In contrast to the one billion tons of carbon released every year during the PETM, humans are now releasing 10 billion tons per year, meaning resulting climate changes could be more extreme than those during the Cenozoic era.”

How much longer can we follow this path? And really, just for the sake of profit for a tiny handful of people! It’s time to get the word out that there is an alternative – The BarclayMotive – and with it we can all put the brakes on the next “Thermal Maximum”. As mentioned in a previous post, one way to make The BarclayMotive a reality is to support Alien Crash Site when it hits kickstarter. Another way is to spread the word of this blog, and the twitter and facebook feeds. There is always the possibility of finding a backer with enough capital to get The BarclayMotive up and running in one shot!

And then we can turn down that global thermostat.