Do we really want to be the next dinosaurs?

Are we already past the point of no return?


News [here, here, and here] is out about how we are making the planet less habitable than it was when the dinos were wiped out. The soundbite versions are:

“We are now exceeding by an order of magnitude the rate of carbon release during one of the most remarkable global warming events in Earth’s history.”

“One of the biggest implications of the study’s findings is that the impacts of modern-day climate change on the seas and land will be more severe than what was seen during the PETM. [Thermal Maximum]”

“In contrast to the one billion tons of carbon released every year during the PETM, humans are now releasing 10 billion tons per year, meaning resulting climate changes could be more extreme than those during the Cenozoic era.”

How much longer can we follow this path? And really, just for the sake of profit for a tiny handful of people! It’s time to get the word out that there is an alternative – The BarclayMotive – and with it we can all put the brakes on the next “Thermal Maximum”. As mentioned in a previous post, one way to make The BarclayMotive a reality is to support Alien Crash Site when it hits kickstarter. Another way is to spread the word of this blog, and the twitter and facebook feeds. There is always the possibility of finding a backer with enough capital to get The BarclayMotive up and running in one shot!

And then we can turn down that global thermostat.


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