Of Course, There’s Always This Alternative

Shouts the headline – “7 million Americans at risk of man-made earthquakes, USGS says”.

Hmmm, pink haze on the horizon or earthquakes in your backyard?? Tough choice. And all this misery to keep an industry afloat and profitable. What’s next? A return to whaling??


Time to stop all the madness and move on to something better for the world at large. The BarclayMotive will need to raise about $80 – $100k in initial funding; less than a garage makeover for some folks out there. Start talking to those you know and before we all know it, word will spread and someone will find themselves in that moment [like above] – faced with $80,000 worth of new trees for the back pool area OR start SAVING THE PLANET!

Tough choice, huh Mr. Murray?


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