Mexico City Faces Pollution Emergency

When I started this blog, I did not expect to have really bad news to share nearly every day!


Should have known, I guess.

Another major city is killing residents – and the planet – because people need to drive places. As the article states, “a Phase 1 Emergency was raised by the local officials for the first time in 11 years”.

The grand plan? Keep cars from driving in the city one day a week.

But, for the rest of the week? Just hold your breath! Where’s the problem? It seems we’re not really learning our lessons as much as merely delaying disaster!

At the end of this article it’s stated “The solution… is to eliminate sulfur from gasoline, provide cleaner taxis and microbuses…”. These are just band-aids on a burn victim!

The REAL solution is The BarclayMotive. Zero emissions. Zero transfer of emissions [as there is with electric cars – there is no emission from the car, just from the power plant]. And, once ready to market, able to drive every day of the week!

What can you do to get us there quicker? [As in, before all cities need a similar (albeit too minor to do much good) ban?] Simple. Subscribe to this blog and get your friends to do the same. The more readers should equal the more supporters [financial and social] when it comes time to fund raise. And that time is coming soon.


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